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Chiropractic Adjustment at Dr.Stotler Chiropractic Clinic, Maryland

Chiropractic Adjustment

During chiropractic adjustments, or spinal manipulation, Dr. Stotler uses his hands to analyze spine motion and detect joints that are not moving properly. He then applies gentle adjustments to move these joints in the right direction.

Chiropractic Care Manual Therapy Techniques

Manual Therapy Techniques

Manual therapy is used to address treat soft tissues and joint dysfunction. It differs from chiropractic services adjustments due to the slower and use less forceful movements used. Soft-tissue manual therapy uses a non-invasive approach to treating muscles, joints and nerves helping your body to properly heal and maintain itself.

Therapeutic Exercise at Stotler Chiropractic Clinic, Howard County, MD

Therapeutic Exercise

A specific, individualized, targeted exercise routine can speed recovery time, improve joint and muscle movement. Customized therapeutic exercise is used to build physical strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and functional movement. Our goal is to return our patients to a pain-free, fully functional lifestyle.

Ultrasound Therapy at Dr. Stotler Chiropractic

Ultrasound Therapy

Therapeutic ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to help reduce pain, stiffness and spasms. This produces heat which helps reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and ease pain in joints and muscles.

Intersegmental Traction at Stotler Chiropractic Clinic, Howard County, MD

Intersegmental Traction

Traction can help to gently restore normal range of motion to your spine. It also helps promote muscle relaxation and reduce spasms. The patient lies face up on a table while rollers move up and down the spine, gently stretching the spine, alleviating pressure on pinched nerves and compressed vertebrae.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Services at Stotler Chiropractic

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation (Interferential Current Therapy) is used to increase blood circulation and reduce muscle spasms. Tiny amounts of low-level electrical impulses are used to create a pulsing sensation in the muscles. This prompts the body to release pain-relieving endorphins, encouraging natural healing.

Moist Heat Therapy at Stotler Chiropractic Clinic, Howard County, MD

Moist Heat Therapy

Moist heat is used to relieve stiffness, improve circulation and help ease muscle pain and soreness. Applying moist heat pads to an injured area helps enlarge blood vessels and increase blood flow to the surrounding muscle area. As the muscle heats up the improved blood flow aids in the healing process.

Cryotherapy Treatment, Howard County, Maryland


Cold therapy (Cryotherapy) uses ice, cold towels, ice massage and compresses to reduce the temperature of tissues. Cryotherapy narrows the blood vessels which reduces blood flow to the affected area, numbing tissue pain and reducing muscle spasms.

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Patient Education

Dr. Stotler takes the time to get to know his patients, their habits and their lifestyle. He then uses this information to explain and advise various treatments and lifestyle modifications, including diet and nutritional programs, self-care and coping strategies.

Which Chiropractic Treatment is Right for Me?

At Stotler Chiropractic, we treat a wide range of conditions, from back and neck pain to headaches, prenatal care and more. Even without a specific complaint, you can still benefit from a visit. Our office also provides on-going preventive care and education. Chiropractic care is beneficial for people of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest.