What Do You Know About Your Chiropractor’s Education?

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What Do You Know About Your Chiropractor’s Education?

If you have ever received the benefits of chiropractic care you already know how much of a positive experience it is.

The vast majority of people who seek chiropractic care are satisfied with their care and see positive outcomes. But, when it comes to knowing about the educational requirements some patients are in the dark.

Let’s take a look…

Prerequisites Required Prior to Starting Chiropractic School:

Before beginning studies in a chiropractic school the applicant must complete at least 90 hours of undergraduate credit at an accredited college or university. The prerequisites must include 24 hours of science courses such as biochemistry, organic chemistry, physics and my own personal favorite anatomy and physiology.

A full undergraduate degree is required by some chiropractic colleges prior to applying.

I received my bachelors degree from Towson University from the Health/Science department with a concentration in public health.

There are currently 19 chiropractic colleges in the US with 20 more across the globe. These schools usually operate on a four year program or 14 quarters of study. The first two years of school are very similar to the courses offered in medical schools.

Study focuses on anatomy and physiology, dissection lab, neurology and X-ray study.

The chiropractic student will receive more classroom study in X-ray, anatomy and biochemistry than the medical student will receive. While chiropractors do receive training in pharmacology, medical school students receive more education in pharmacology because they focus on prescribing medications where chiropractors focus on the structure and function of the patient.

To become licensed in Maryland the student must pass four sets of rigorous national board examinations.

Parts 1-3 are taken during the end of school and part 4 is taken after graduation and after successful completion of parts 1-3. Maryland also requires the successful passing of a physiotherapy exam as well.

In Maryland, chiropractors are able to be licensed as chiropractors with PT privileges if they complete the additional 120 hours of PT training.

Having the PT privileges enables the chiropractor to use an array of physical medicine modalities including ultrasound, cold laser therapy, electrical muscle stimulation and traction.

There are still some misconceptions about the education a chiropractor receives. Hopefully this helps to clear things up. Now you know you are in good hands with a highly educated, board certified health care professional. A real doctor.

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